Play 4 All


at the Seattle Design Festival Block Party at Occidental Park

Saturday, September 12 – Sunday, September 13:

Play4All exists to elevate and integrate play into the everyday built environment so children (and adults) of all abilities have greater access to a diversity of meaningful play experiences.




     Cork CORKALISM: Create colorful pixelation patterns from recycled corks that can be both seen and felt.

Size: 2’ wide x 4’ tall “sandwich board” with attached container for corks.

Location: Bar or restaurant; any venue where people congregate.

sleevagami SLEEVE A GAMI: Contribute to a community-­‐built sculpture made from recycled coffee sleeves.

Size: 3’ wide x 5’ tall wire aperture for attaching sleeves using pipe cleaners.

Location: Corner of a coffee shop.

no see selfie NO SEE SELFIE: Sketch a self-portrait without the benefit of sight. Post your masterpiece for all to see.

Size: 2’ wide x 4’ long “sawhorse”-­‐ style drawing seat with integrated mirror and sketching surface.

Location: Art gallery; retail store; any venue where people congregate.

hanglydangly HANGLY-­‐DANGLY: Texture play within a field of ribbons suspended from an overhead lattice.

Size: 5’ wide x 5’ wide x 8’ tall – adjustable to specific site conditions.

Location: Entrance to a shop or business; office lobby

mega stacker MEGA STACKER: Large scale construction/stacking challenge where all players have limited mobility.

Size: 5’ diameter game radius (wheelchair clear space) up to 8’ tall, plus 1’ buffer around edge.

Location: Large lobby, courtyard, interior common space.

story boards STORY BOARDS: Create 3D spatial stories that can be read up close, far away and in different languages.

Size: 6’ wide x 12’ long area with (3) 5’ tall vertical word posts and multiple 2’-­‐3’ horizontal sentence boards.

Location: Large lobby, courtyard, interior common space.

image COIN SHAKER MUSIC MAKER: Spontaneous sound play and motion play with coins (bonus: more tips!)

Size: 2’ wide x 2’ long x 2’ tall plinko-­‐style game box that sits on a bar or table top.

Location: Bar; restaurant; coffee shop, any venue that deals in cash transactions.