Hermann+Bosch Skaterhall 01

Inevitably, in any school project we work on, the subject of play, both structured (athletics + PE) and non-structured comes up as to how to integrate the many possible features that contribute to an environment that enhance the possibilities for both kids and adults to play and recreate. We like to look far afield to get inspiration for alternative possibilities for the schools we design.

Our JUST ONE THING this week is integrating play and recreation. This interesting new project by Hermann + Bosch Architects is a community facility in a Stuttgart park that bridges and blurs the boundaries between structured and non-structured, children and adults, organized and ad hoc, recreation and play.

Hermann+Bosch Skaterhall 02

Intended as merely a lid over an existing skate park to contain unwanted noise in the neighborhood, the architects created a fun, engaging place for skaters of all ages to come and work out their moves.

Hermann+Bosch Skaterhall 03

The new building provides for all-year round use, protected from the weather, well daylit, low energy consumption, and with lots of view windows that create a visible and inviting public amenity.

Hermann+Bosch Skaterhall 04


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