RUBOW Ny Fredensborg School 05

The new Fredensborg School by RUBOW Architects is situated in a small  Danish town notable for the Fredensborg houses designed by Jorn Utzon in 1953. In the same vein, this new school project is a similar exploration of large scale communal architecture set amidst a beautiful nordic landscape.

RUBOW Ny Fredensborg School 04Our JUST ONE THING this week once again is outdoor learning. The campus consists of eight separate buildings interconnected on the upper level by enclosed bridges, giving students a small-scale school experience while also providing the advantages of being part of a larger school.

RUBOW Ny Fredensborg School 03

RUBOW Ny Fredensborg School 13Connections to the landscape happen throughout the campus, with many small outdoor areas set around and in between the buildings. Interior public spaces and classroom areas are provided with views, while green roofs help to merge the architecture into the landscape.

RUBOW Ny Fredensborg School 11

The developed outdoor areas are articulated in varying ways to accommodate different uses and age levels. In this way, learning and informal socialization and play can happen together, all while having the natural environment close at hand.

RUBOW Ny Fredensborg School 06

The larger indoor and outdoor public areas are located near the school entrance, providing informal areas for students to gather in larger groups.

RUBOW Ny Fredensborg School 07

RUBOW Ny Fredensborg School 12

RUBOW Arckitekter

Scandinavian Architects

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