CEBRA Irkhutsk Smart School 01

Some of our favorite schools can be viewed as inseparable from the communities they serve and the natural places they are located in. This winner of a design competition by the Danish CEBRA architects is an inspired response for housing a new educational vision for a Russian community. Putting together three separate schools under one roof, from ages 3 to 18, including housing for foster children, the complex merges into the landscape in a way that reinforces a sense of community.

CEBRA Irkutsk Smart School 06

Our JUST ONE THING this week is porosity. The flow of space from the natural landscape, plazas, outdoor learning areas, indoor public spaces, and traditional teaching rooms creates a sense of interconnection, and facilitates the implementation of a curriculum that emphasizes personal responsibility, self reliance, teaming and cooperation.

CEBRA Irkutsk Smart School 02

Undulating roof overhangs emulate the scale of a rural village while also working with grade changes to create outdoor learning and socializing spaces.

CEBRA Irkutsk Smart School 04

Inside, the large public spaces are interwoven with informal learning spaces as well as having generous connections and views to the exterior.

CEBRA Irkutsk Smart School 05

Cebra website

ArchDaily article

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