Adeyemi Makoko Nigeria school 02 This cool project is an innovative attempt to solve the problem of providing infrastructure to communities directly affected by increasing coastal flooding. Serving a fishing community of an estimated 100,000 people living in houses built on stilts, the Makoko floating school was designed by Kunle Adeyemi of NLE architects, providing a sustainable school that weather changing water levels. Adeyemi Makoko Nigeria school 01Our JUST ONE THING this week is portable classrooms. Built by local residents and with sustainability as a core principle, the project uses locally available materials, including recycling large plastic containers to use as flotation and rainwater capture. Adeyemi Makoko Nigeria school 07Initially intended as a school, the building can also serve as a community center, health clinic, market, and entertainment center. Eventually it is envisioned that four of these structures will be joined together to create a complete public facility. Adeyemi Makoko Nigeria school 08 The lowest level functions as an arrival and play area, with the second level accommodating four classrooms, and the third level a small group workshop. Photovoltaic panels provide electricity and the building is naturally ventilated. Eventually, it is envisioned that four of these structures can be joined together to create a complete school.   Adeyemi Makoko Nigeria school  04 ArchDaily

NLE Architects

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