Orestad Gymnasium,  - 3XN

Orestad Gymnasium, – 3XN

The Orestad College in Copenhagen by 3XN Architects represents a commitment to provide a new open educational facility that allows for interdisciplinary synergy and creates an environment that encourages students to collaborate and take more responsibility for their learning. 3XN Orestad College 07

Our JUST ONE THING this week is Open Learning Communities. A bold reinterpretation of the open classrooms of the 1970s which fell out of favor internationally; this dynamic central space combines traditional classrooms, open collaboration areas, and flexible teaching spaces. 3XN Orestad College 13

Each U-shaped floor is rotated to create an interconnected public zone that unites the many different levels. 3XN Orestad College 09

Completely enclosed in glazing, with direct sunlight controlled by vertical operable translucent sunscreen panels and extensive skylighting, the central space is well daylit, and offers views of the city throughout the school.

More information about 3XN Orestad College

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