Mithun Sustainability Treehouse 01

The Sustainability Treehouse by Mithun Architects is a learning center for the Boy Scouts of America, located in the Summit Bechtel Reserve, a forested area that hosts the bi-annual Jamboree. Although technically not a school, this project is an exemplary showcase for how to integrate sustainable practices with the education process.

Mithun Sustainability Treehouse 04Our JUST ONE THING this week is the vertical school. As a strategy to minimize a building footprint, and maximize exposure to the natural world, this many faceted ascending building provides a varied experience of the surrounding forest, bringing study of the forest tree canopy intimately into the learning areas.

Targeted to meet the Living Building Challenge, the many robust features integrate innovative building design with using the building itself as a learning tool, promoting environmental stewardship. Interactive exhibits highlight features such as photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, rainwater collection, and water cleansing systems.

Mithun Sustainability Treehouse 05

Read more about the project on ArchDaily.

Mithun Sustainability Treehouse 07


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