SCHOOLS WE LIKE – Faroe Islands Education Center

BIG  Faroe Is Educ Center 17 The Faroe Islands Education Center in Torshavn, Faroe Islands by BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), currently under construction, combines three programmatically different schools (gymnasium natural science, technical, and business) into one building housing 1,200 students, located at the edge of the coastal town of Torshavn. Rather than being isolated in different wings, the schools are stacked together and wrapped around a central space, seeking a synergy that challenges long-standing interdisciplinary boundaries.

BIG  Faroe Is Educ Center 04 Our JUST ONE THING this week is centralized common areas. The organizing concept here is a school as a ‘vortex, radiating out towards it’s surroundings while also creating an inner landscape for communal learning.’ The central space houses all of the common activities, acting like a town square, all the while affording views and physical connections to the natural landscape around the building.

BIG  Faroe Is Educ Center 09

The organization of each level is single-loaded so each teaching area has views both to the exterior landscape, but also into the interior commons.

BIG  Faroe Is Educ Center 10

Even the technical school’s production spaces are connected to the central commons. Two story auto tech spaces have a wall of glazing that also has views of the meadows

The end result is an inspiring building that is a refreshing integration of the Faroe Island’s unique culture with a modern educational facility geared for 21st century learning, while also at it’s essence embodying the inseparability of the island culture from the north Atlantic landscape. BIG  Faroe Is Educ Center 07 More information about the Faroe Island Education Center at BIG Bjarke Ingels Group.

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