SCHOOLS WE LIKE- Hakusui Nursery

Yamazaki Kentaro Hakasui Nursery 02

The Hakusui Nursery in Chiba City, Japan by Yamazaki Kentaro is a small Pre-K school for 60 kids gently placed on a sloping landscape, giving all of the classrooms a sense of being intimately connected to the natural spaces around the school.

Our JUST ONE THING this week is connectivity and scale. As the building slopes down the site, the large open interior space uses the stepping tiers to provide a subtle sense of separation between each class area. The low sloping timbered structure compresses the long connected interior space, emphasizing the localized physical and visual connections laterally across to the site outside.

Yamazaki Kentaro Hakasui Nursery 03As each class area steps one below the other, small glazed pods for more focused learning activities help provide an additional sense of separation between the levels.

Yamazaki Kentaro Hakasui Nursery 06

The end result is a wonderful, playful space appropriately-scaled for little kids, giving them a sense of being interconnected, with each other and the natural world outside, while also providing their own place within the school.

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