Christian Kerez Leutschenbach School 16

The Leutschenbach School in Zurich, by Swiss architect Christian Kerez is a stark example of a how different countries value and fund their public schools. Standing tall in the middle of a city park the completely transparent skin on the building reveals all of the activities to the surrounding city, while also providing a well-daylit learning environment with great views from each classroom.
Christian Kerez Leutschenbach School 15Our JUST ONE THING this week is structural expression. It’s rare to see such naked clarity in one structure for a comprehensive school, integrating the many varied programmatic elements by stacking vertically. The all-glass gymnasium tops the building with commanding views of the city. And all you have is a simple palette of concrete and glass to hold up and shroud the entire building.


Christian Kerez Leutschenbach School 07

The classrooms are housed in a three story base floating above the ground floor with no internal corridors, just a central vertical public zone connecting the different levels. Large overhangs at each level provide shading from direct sunlight as well as being the emergency exit route.

Christian Kerez Leutschenbach School 09

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