Schools We Like- Stanford d school

d school 10

The Hasso Plattner Institute of Design at Stanford, or the “” is a place where students and faculty from various departments come together to solve problems with innovation and interdisciplinary design at the core of the mission. The environment itself is unconventional, with one floor level a completely open industrial space with no fixed partitions.

d school 08Our JUST ONE THING this week is spaces for collaboration.

As collaborative learning gains a stronger foothold in secondary education, we like to look around for great examples of places that are experimenting with how the environment itself can adapt to this different style of group learning. The has deliberately created a space that is all about being a tool to support innovation and collaboration – a messy, flexible, creative environment where teams can tackle the problem of solving messy real-world problems. The walls and furniture are intended to help groups explore and evolve their ideas, allowing them to be dynamically displayed and interacted with.

d school 03Deployable walls for brainstorming and collectively gathering ideas can be easily reconfigured to adapt instantly to changing needs of different sized teams.

d school 11Even some of the conference room floors are coated with whiteboard paint to encourage unconventional  thinking.

For more information about the project, visit this Fast Company article.

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