Li Xiaodong Bridge School 01 In many places in the world, a school is only one or two classrooms. This little gem by Li Xiaodong Atelier connects the two parts of a small historic village in the Fujian province of China bisected by a small ravine and creek.

Winner of an Aga Khan Award for Architecture 2010 Bridge over the river.

Our JUST ONE THING this week is multiuse (brilliantly embodied here). This two room school house is also a bridge, a public library, community center, playground, and village theater. When rising construction costs challenge how we can provide great facilities for learning, schools that serve many functions can leverage limited funds and maximize benefit for a community . Toss in inspiration, a stripped down raw beauty, a little whimsy, and here you find a new school that has become the new spiritual center of a declining village, while helping to sustain a traditional culture.

Li Xiaodong Bridge School 05

The northern classroom has an folding wall that opens up to create a stage fronting the village public space in front of the Hakka castle, turning the whole area into a performance venue.

Li Xiaodong Bridge School 09

The sides of each classroom are fully glazed, with natural wood screening to filter out direct sunlight; looking out over the ravine and creek below, providing a beautiful setting for children to learn.

Li Xiaodong Bridge School 10The ‘playing box’ lets kids slide out from one of the classrooms down to the southern playground.

This ArchDaily Article has more detail on the project.


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