Schools We Like – D.S. Nursery in Japan


A beautiful intimately scaled nursery school in Iberaki, Japan designed by Hibinosekkei + Youji no Shiro makes use of a simply detailed low slung wood timber structure wrapped around a well-landscaped courtyard to create a very serene and engaging place for young children to learn.

More here at ArchDaily .

Hibinosekkei DS Nursery 05

Our JUST ONE THING this week is all about the integration of interior spaces with the landscape. The public spaces of the school all are connected to this central courtyard that combines the idea of a traditional Japanese courtyard with a more contemporary playscape for young children.



Dining commons with low wood structure fully opens to the courtyard with  large sliding glass doors and an outdoor terrace.



Chalkboard paint at the main entry allow kids to spontaneously interact with their environment and also showcase student expression to visitors.

One response to “Schools We Like – D.S. Nursery in Japan

  1. I love how intimate and perfectly scaled to children everything is while still using a relatively “sophisticated” palette of materials.

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