Education Design Resources: Libraries, Makerspaces, and Design Thinking

Two Education Design resources to start off your week.

Both came across my twitter feed last week and both have already been helpful for me, so thought I would share them.

The first is A Librarian’s Guide To Maker Spaces; 16 Resources by Ellyssa Kroski. Although this list was first published almost two years ago, there’s still plenty of good information here. (And, remember when your resources were books? A two-year-old book was still considered current, I seem to recall.) Clicking through to several of the links got me deeper into the world of librarians and onto some sites I wouldn’t normally visit, like The Unquiet Librarian. Among other things, this site is packed full of videos of students MAKING things – something we in the design profession don’t have a chance to experience first-hand nearly often enough. I only found one link here that sent me to a no-longer-active site. Under MakerSpaces Directories, the link to Hackerspaces leads you to a nearly incomprehensible and poorly constructed site that apparently is no longer active.

The second is Stanford’s K12 Lab Wiki. The good folks at the share just about everything they know, with the confidence that we can all make the world a better place through design thinking. This site includes the information you need to “bring design thinking into your school” and includes resources for everything from teacher training to design materials lists. If that’s not enough, it also links you through to additional resources available through the

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